Honey Roast Carrots with Lentils

Lentil saladThe idea for this salad actually came from one of my favourite ever “food to go” salads from the supermarket. This may sound a bit insane but I sometimes actually like driving the 4 hours back to Manchester from home because it gives me an excuse to buy loads of nice food at the service station . I then usually try to unwrap/eat this food whilst …

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Sea bass with Red Pepper Risotto


I can’t believe I’m in my final year of Uni. Its all is nearly over. Somehow when you leave school university seems like this HUUGE chunk of your life that will never end but of course it does. I’m already feeling nostalgic and I’ve still got 8 months to go! Anyway for now I am cracking on with …

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Japan in Food- Highlights from my travels


Japanese cuisine is so much more than just sushi! From bee larvae to horse intestines I really made the most of my 5 weeks in Japan this summer to try as much delicious and crazy food  as I possibly could. It was 10 months ago that I wrote this post getting extremely excited about booking my trip to my dream destination and today, finally, I’d like to share with you some of my most memorable food experiences in this amazing country….

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Feta and Asparagus Crustless Quiche

DSCN8473I’m living at my family home at the moment so the weekly food shop is done by my mother and I have realised there are some things she buys compulsively. These items somehow always manage to creep into the shopping basket only to linger slowly decomposing in the corner of the fridge until they are finally deemed unfit for consumption and dumped in the bin. Here are the top 5 culprits….

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Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites

DSCN8395So my mother has gone cycling mad ever since she bought her road bike last year and tomorrow she is off on her first ever event The Cobbler Classic. She will be cycling 39 miles along with my little brother who is an absolute pro. I seriously think he might win the Tour de France one day- you heard it here first. In fact we …

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Spicy mustard Grilled tofu skewers

tofuWhilst planning my trip to Japan I have been reading a lot about what and where to eat, in fact I probably need to concentrate more on the temples/palaces/mountains or I risk leaving with nothing more than a packet of chopsticks as a souvenir and the memory of some tasty noodles. One thing I have discovered is that they eat a whole lot of tofu….

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Pink Grapefruit and Salmon salad

DSCN0293BAM! Look how colourful this is! This salmon salad is the next in my “lunch munch series” I love salads with fruity ingredients I remember having a delicious feta and mango salad last summer also see my duck and pomegranate salad recipe . Salmon and grapefruit is definitely a winner too, I guess it’s not really surprising as salmon is typically served with citrus flavours such as lemon or lime. The sharp grapefruit in this case is offset with a sweet honey, mustard and dill dressing and crunchy radishes. Also starring is our trusty friend the avocado and little baby broad beans….

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Moroccan Chicken Wrap **lunch munch**


So according to the staff canteen it was national wrap day today, who knew! In a miraculous twist of fate I had planned to post this tasty wrap recipe already but now I know it shall be officially recognised I feel even better about it. It got me to thinking, who even comes up with these crazy national food days / weeks / months? Who are these food mega-minds? Well turns out…

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